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At DM Building, We’ll Work With You To Design Build Your Dream Project

Imagine having a single source for both design and construction for your home renovations project. That’s what you’ll have when you choose DM Building to transform your home into the home of your dreams.

With DM Building as your design and your construction team, you have one team from start to finish — resulting in a more cost-effective project since fewer change orders occur.

What is a design-build construction?

Design-build provides one source for both the design of your project and its construction. The homeowner has one contract for both the design plan and the construction of a home remodel project. DM Building’s team of design and construction experts work together to turn your renovation dreams into reality. With both design and construction coordinated by the same contractor, your project stays on schedule and budget.

What are the advantages of a design-build construction project?

  1. One company — One contract. With one company to work with from concept and design to finished construction, homeowners experience less stress. The homeowner is no longer caught in-between. Design and construction work as a team because they work for the same company, working together to ensure the homeowner’s satisfaction.
  2. The project stays on budget. A project is more likely to stay on budget when the budget is part of the design discussion from the beginning. The homeowner’s budget, when identified at the beginning of a project, helps drive decision making so that the project can stay on budget. As the homeowner shares their vision for the scope of work, the project cost is finalized by the design arm of the design-build company.
  3. Communication. When the construction crew works with the design team in the same office, potential problems are solved within the company to help ensure that small glitches don’t become significant obstacles.
  4. Shorter completion time. Bid time is shortened because the construction side of your design-build team are already aware of your upcoming project and begin scheduling. Because both the design and construction project managers work together daily, potential obstacles are handled early on in the project.
  5. Quality control. Because design and construction work hand-in-hand from the project onset, the homeowner works with their team from the beginning with material choices and construction details.

A Custom Designer Home Build

Why choose DM Building as your General Contractor?

Daniel Montijo, owner, and his design-build team members work together to serve San Diego homeowners. He and his team will help you determine if your project is feasible and help provide accurate cost estimates for your project.

Your design-build project is more likely to stay on schedule and remain on budget with DM Building providing both design expertise and construction proficiency. Since Daniel or a team member have been working with the homeowner from the beginning, fewer change orders result in cost savings and on-time completion.

DM Building is a licensed general contractor (License No. 939850), serving the San Diego metropolitan area for over 12 years. They provide liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. The staff at DM Building handle all of the details including pulling necessary building permits.

Call DM Building at 760-644-0714 or request a design-build estimate.