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ADUs & Granny Flats

Additional Dwelling Units And Granny Flats In San Diego County


With accessory dwelling units (ADUs), additional dwelling units, or granny flats, you can customize your property to best suit your household’s needs. These standalone additions can also help boost the income-potential and value of your property. With help from our team at DM Building, you can achieve these goals by building a granny flat or guest house that aligns with your preferences.

As your trusted home remodel and room addition contractors in San Diego County, we strive to provide you with the highest quality of service throughout the design and building process. We keep your preferred specifications at the forefront while creating your ADU design. Throughout the building process, our team will continue to make your preferences our top priority in constructing the granny flats on your property.

Customize Your Designs for Your Granny Flats

With our construction expertise and industry knowledge, we can build new additional dwelling units in any shape and size. In fact, by working within your property and budget restrictions, we can customize your granny flats to your floorplan, size, and style preferences. Our team can build anything you desire, from stately dual story ADUs to simple backyard cottage guest homes. You can trust that our exceptional tiny house designs will comply with all local building codes and exceed workmanship standards at every turn. Your granny flat contractors will help you transform your vision into a reality using their skills and experience.

Adu Above Garage In San Diego County Benefits of Building Additional Dwelling Units

The decision to place additional dwelling units on your property can open the doors for numerous benefits. For example, whether you want to acquire full-time renters or take advantage of the popularity of short-term rental opportunities, building a granny flat can greatly improve the income potential of your home. You can either move into the ADU yourself and rent out the main home or put up the granny flats for rent as desired. The additional living space can also help to improve your property values and boost your return on investment over time. Your guest home builders in San Diego North County can help you better understand the benefits of building an ADU on your property, so do not hesitate to give them a call today.

Things to Consider When Building a Granny Flat

You will need to take several things into consideration as you decide if you would like to move forward with building granny flats on your property. You can get started by looking at the location you have available for the additional dwelling units. You will need to determine if you have enough room for a tiny house and if you can easily access power, water and sewer connections. Also, look at how the additional dwelling units will impact the neighborhood while making this decision.

Adu Kitchen

The location of your property will also come into play, as it determines the rules and regulations you need to follow. In some areas, for example, you may need additional permits and permissions, potentially extending the project out further than your ideal deadline. Local regulations may also demand that you take a careful look at the size of your preferred granny flat design. In certain locations, you may face restrictions on ADU square footage as compared to the main dwelling on the property.

You must take a close look at your budget to determine what you have to work with in building a granny flat. Your budget restrictions should be looked upon favorably as they can actually help guide your project. Your custom granny flat builders can help you consider these factors, and more, as you determine if you would like to build granny flats.

Getting Support from Granny Flat Contractors

As your ADU contractors, we will provide the service and support you need in navigating the process of building a granny flat. Our granny flat builders always abide by all local rules and regulations in creating your tiny house design and completing all phases of construction. We can help with the acquisition of any permits required to build the granny flats on your property.

With a single call, you will reach our skilled and experienced granny flat contractors who can help you design and build the additional dwelling units of your dreams. We will help you look at your property and neighborhood to determine the best ADUs for your location, and then move forward with your plans. Call us today at 760-644-0714 to discuss your project and acquire a free quote.